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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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san francisco's police chief is planning to civilianize his police force. he is hiring civilian investigators to replace uniformed officers. >> also in the headlines, antioch police and contra costa sheriff's deputies are trying to determine if three overnight shootings are related. >> and san jose firefighters continue to look for a cause of a fire that killed an 8-year-old child yesterday. >> here is a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays but there are a couple problems
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in brentwood. i'll have the details coming up. >> and cause for cooler weather, record setting cold weather, see how the clouds and drizzle. we'll talk about how long this will last and warming trend will finally arrive. >> good morning. 6:01. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. have you ever reported a minor crime only to wait hours for police to come. they have a plan to speed it up by creating a police squad made up entirely of civilians. tomas aramon has more. >> this move may see necessary for the police department because they are losing money. they are losing money in their budget and also retiring about 735 police officers this year. the plan to hire the 15 crime scene investigators is to try to free up unformed police officers so they can get out on the streets and solve crimes.
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>> nonviolent crimes have to take a back seat to other more serious crimes. the police chief introduced a civilian investigators while the chief in arizona and highway is now proposing it here in san francisco. they would train 15 civilians to collect fingerprints and evidence. that would free up other officers so they could search to suspects and respond to more serious crimes. freeing up officers sounds like a great idea to some but some law enforcement proposals see problems. >> i think it's -- law enforcement professionals. >> for instance in a petty theft case, while you are taking a simple statement there is no reason to have an armed police officer taken off the street to investigate that kind of crime. >> it's difficult to get detectives and unformed officers to cooperate and coordinate and
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work closely together. it's more difficult to get civilian non-sworn people to work with the sworn officers. >> one of the things makes it attractive 15 civilians would only get paid half of what a uniformed officers would make but the police union isn't happy with this proposal. they say they are not happy with the idea of civilians quickly trained collecting evidence and possibly mixing up something for the trial. this morning, antioch police and contra costa sheriff's deputies are trying to determine if three overnight shootings are connected. first happened after midnight on banyon way. a man was shot and killed. a second shooting happened at a 7-eleven store on hillcrest
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avenue. when police arrived they found a 64-year-old clerk had been shot and wounded. he was taken to a local hospital and he is expected to survive. a third shooting came in before 2:00, near the first location. that way is described as 22 years old and he is also expected to survive. no word on any specific suspect description for any of these shootings. >> san jose fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of yesterday's apartment fire that killed an 8-year-old girl. they identified the girl a visitor from north carolina. she had been staying with relatives at an apartment when the fire broke out about 1:30 sunday morning. fire officials say there were two adults inside the apartment. they made it out with minor injuries but the girl was trapped in a back bedroom. >> very small apartment. they went to the bedroom and found a little girl there. she was by herself on the floor.
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>> she was supposed to go home today. firefighters say the first fire unit that responded is due to be closed. >> an oakland girl severely injured by a pit bull is out of the hospital and recovering at home. dog bit the girl's face at a home. they described her injuries as significant. she had surgery the dog was taken away by animal control. it comes two days after three pit bulls killed a two-year-old boy in concord. the boy's stepfather was arrested. concord police say they have been stepping up patrols around a park where three pipe bombs have been found since last wednesday. most recent was found friday and detonated by police bomb squad. that pipe bomb was found by a jogger along a trail near turtle
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creek road. on wednesday two other pipe bombs were found nearby. 25 police officers searched for more explosives using specially trained dogs. people are being warned not to pick up objects that don't belong to them. so far police say they have no suspects but their investigation continues. >> let's see what we're looking forward weather-wise. do we need pg&e? >> whether i can go to the pool or not, enjoy some of the things this summer. that used to keep us cool, you may not need those. good morning to you. 60s in mountain view. mid to upper 50s under cloudy conditions. clouds will hang around through 8:00 and drizzle around the coast. by noon, breaks in the clouds and in the east bay valleys and south bay.
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lesser extent around napa and fairfield and fremont and palo alto and you can see the clouds around oakland and san rafael and along the coast with 60s to upper 50s. low on a around san francisco and oakland, no sunshine along coast. 57 in half moon bay. low 70s around santa rosa, napa and upper 60s around fremont and mid to upper 70s in the south bay and east bay valleys. these temperatures running around six to 12 degrees cooler than average and they will do the same tomorrow and wednesday, winds will finally shift and see some warming for thursday and friday. about 2-35 degrees warmer and it will hang around through the weekend. no use crying over spilled milk, overturned milk truck, closed from second street until 7:30 this morning, second street
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and central will be the detour around it. injury crash marsh creek road, east of deer valley road. emergency crews, red traffic flow, heavy lone tree out to summersville. drive time lone tree to 242 is 21 minutes. that is the slow spot. westbound 580 there is an accident off to the right hand shoulder but the drive times to 680 is still 25 minutes. >> thank you very much. kristen, i don't think she is going to cry over the spilled milk. >> fallout, federal employee has has some mocking, some could be crying there and why san francisco's next hot restaurant could be in a shipping crate. >> plus, the price tack attached to the america's cup. why the city may have to shell out tens of millions to compete. >> and irs is targeting the
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good morning. 6:12. a live look at the sun rising in the east over some of the towns mike has been telling us about and cloudy and misty and cool out there. what about this afternoon? he'll fill you in coming up. >> more news. california's lieutenant governor is in trouble with the tax collector. the farming business owned by maldonado and the family owes the federal government more than $100,000 in back taxes. they report the irs failed a lien before he was sworn in as the highest ranking public official. it's the ninth time he has been hit with a tax lien since 1992. a spokesman says, outstanding
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taxes is a dispute over the use of company vehicles. >> san francisco redevelopment agency is holding a city hall hearing today to talk about a unique idea to use shipping containers to serve as a facility for dining or the arts. they report a vacant lot between hayes and linen is being considered. after a portion of the central freeway was demolished a decade ago. shipping containers would be ventilated and connected to water hookups and used as restaurants and art galleries. >> if san francisco wants to host america's yacht race the city will have to invest of tens of millions of dollars but the payoff could be spectacular. it could cost 40 to $60 million apiece to repair the pierce
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mentioned as possible venues. 30, 32 along with pier 50. economic boost would hosting the america's cup and $1.34 billion and it could mean 8800 jobs for the region. the piers and people selling sweatshirts. this is the day. >> and today will be no exception so if any new people in town, welcome to summer. there it is. silver lining are the clouds. >> in shorts and t-shirts, you may think it's summer but, no. >> if you want warmer weather you're going to have wait for a couple of days. emeryville back, deep marine layer and reason we'll have cooler temperatures. not sure we'll set record lows,
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we're close to mid to upper 50s. record lows in condition cord and oakland. and monterey, cloud cover and temperatures around 55 and 56. we're in the same pattern today and tomorrow. cool temperatures, not only in the>cpyk46÷ morgue but also in e afternoon. we'll see sunshine, especially farther east and south you travel. warmer weather will begin on thursday, won't touch the coast but it will hit the bay and especially inland valleys, east bay, cloud cover could take over most of the neighborhoods this morning. all of us, still cloudy conditions 8:00 or 9:00 but by noon, south bay will clear, to a lesser extent north bay valleys but the bay is full of cloud cover. by 3:00. clouds are still moving across san francisco and heading over towards part parts of the east bay shore. south bay, we'll have sunshine, low to mid-70s for you. 75 around san jose.
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cloud cover influence around millbrae and san mateo, mid to upper 60s there. along coast today, drizzle will dry eventually and temperatures will hang around mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco, pockets of sunshine, low to mid-60s for you. low to mid-60s in the north bay valleys. east bay shore, richmond, berkeley, cloud cover in the low to mid-50s there, you were 60s and 70s southbound on the east bay shore. east bay valleys, warmest weather out to brentwood, low to mid 80s there. for the monterey bay, cloudy conditions, mid to upper 50s, it will be 80 around morgan hill and gilroy. clouds come back tonight. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. low pressure responsible for the onshore flow will hang around tomorrow and to a lesser extent
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on wednesday. temperatures will jump two to five degrees away from the coast. upper 70s around the bay but still hanging around 60 at the coast through the weekend. >> we talked about couple problems in brentwood but elsewhere, i want to show you how good traffic looks. live shot at san rafael. traffic looks great southbound from novato down to the golden gate bridge where we have a live shot for. you can see into the marin headlands and no problems into san francisco. delay free at the toll plaza, come on down and 80 in berkeley, also fine. as you make your way towards berkeley, carquinez bridge, metal pieces were reported in the middle lane and they are clearing that debris up. let's head over to the san mateo bridge next, here is fine. traffic looks great in both
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directions, 880 and fine through hayward as well as 101. south bay for you, headlights moving northbound 101, this is what i mean, traffic looking good and this is 880 across your screen. keep updated on all the incidents and couple problems in brentwood by going to >> time for this morning's must reads. mercury news next week california board of education will consider adopt english and math standards. english would include fiction and more comprehensive reading. math standards would give students more time to apply concepts. >> "new york times" looks at the losing game of phone tag at the white house. switchboard could not connect president obama or agriculture secretary with shirley sherrod,
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the ag official that was fired overcomments that seemed racist. white house operator tried at least three times before the president to express the president's regret the it's astonishing that president obama m are obama is blackberry president. >> chelsey clinton's wedding is the talk of the town. it's supposed to be this saturday. in one is spilling details, not residents or shopkeepers. not caters. all suppliers to the wedding have signed an agreement. they include, wine made by the nearby unrelated clinton vineyards will be served. a link to the articles will be at this morning the winner of this weekend's san francisco marathon has quite a story to
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tell. 25-year-old crossed the finish line first. this was more than a just a win. it was first ever road marathon and he got to start where he did because me managed to talk his way up to the elite level starting part. bechtol set a new course 2 hours 23 minutes and 28 seconds. he rinse off road races over and he medallion he kept. >> by the fact he talked his way into being the elite levels. >> and he gave the bouquet to his wife that keeps things happy at home and you can run to your heart's content. >> share family photos. is it art or vandalism, curious edition to a
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in today's it can bites a surprising finding about iphone. 75% of iphone users gave a positive expense in how they feel about at&t's service. that is better than smart phone users as a whole. >> when sending e-mail you spell check and grammar check and now you can add tongue check. a new program sends e-mail messages asked and answered sentences and phrases for too much emotion. any sentences that might convey the wrong tone. a text version is available right now. >> queen elizabeth is expanding her online presence.
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it started an account flicker. recent photos of the royal family and historic runs from the are a chiefs. more than 600 are available. they were already a twitter account and youtube channel. for information on all these channels, log on to statues, in san diego, a surrounding a statue with a paper model of a great white. it appears to be swallowing them whole. there is no damage to the statue. locals already have a long history of putting clothing on to the statue. >> kind of clever. still ahead at 6:30. new advice for a.c. transit
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passengers, pack your patience. >> former top cop in one of bay area's biggest cities giving support to legalize marijuana. >> new accusations in one of the biggest leaks of american military documents. it could lead to war crime charges for u.s. soldiers. >> at the hall of justice in san francisco, san francisco police chief plans to civilianize a portion of the police force. he is planning to hire 15 crime scene investigators and put 15 uniform officers they replace out on the street to fight crime. >> if you are leaving town, only flight delays are only incoming. with scattered thunderstorms around the southeast we'll have
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bell ringing on wall street. investors are checking out the european markets. last week, regulators said 7 of the 91 banks if the economy worsened we'll have a report in 15 minutes. >> being called one of the biggest leaks of classified documents in u.s. history. this morning the whistle-blower website, leaked 91,000 military paperwork, include evidence of war crimes. white house and the pentagon are on damage control mode. john hendron shows us what is out there and what else may be on the way. >> this flood of documents was written between january 2004 and december 2009. it's a six-year archive showing a war that is taking second
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place to iraq, under funded and under supported despite a taliban insurgency. white house immediately condemned the leak, at the same time, sairlg sake those conditions were why the president announced a new strategy. white house is struggling to stem the damage. >> it will create a lot of tension will they put out a release this threatens national security. there is a lot of detail in this not nothing new but pakistan's military spy service has guided the afghan insurgency, how the secret unit of special forces hunt down taliban leaders and how the u.s. has evidence that taliban has acquired surface to air missiles. >> but officials say the documents do not reflect the current reality on the ground. >> still some members of congress say this information raises new questions about the u.s. commitment to pakistan and
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afghanistan. one more note. website that released these documents says it has 15,000 more it's determined may do more harm. >> we have breaking news to tell but in richmond where a five-year-old child has been found safe after the car the youngster was in was carjacked. it was taken from a gas station just after five thrt this morning. they found the child about half an hour later safe on sidewalk a few miles away. police say they are still looking for a black four-door car taken into that carjacking with california disabled license plate 35301 dtp. they are still looking at. call richmond police. >> san francisco's police chief wants to make crime fighting a more civilian focused activity.
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police chief has a plan to train civilian investigators to look into many of the city's crimes. its move aimed at saving money and helping service. >> one of the problems the san francisco police chief he might be losing 735 police officers due to retirement just this year alone. he is using a million dollar depressant to train 15 civilian crime scene investigators. they will be working on lower priority crimes which will free up uniformed officers to deal with more serious crimes in the city. >> nonviolent crimes have to take a back seat. nonviolent crime victims may have to wait for hours for an officer to take their report. the police chief introduced the idea of civilian investigators while chief in mesa, arizona. san francisco would train 15
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civilian investigators to collect fingerprints and evidence, interview witnesses and take photos. unarmed civilians would free up unformed officers from time-consuming work. freeing up officers to patrol the streets sounds like a great idea to some, others see problems. >> i think it's great if they can speed up response time. if their specific training is just doing this, it's better. >> in a petty theft case, you are taking a simple statement, there is no reason to have a police officer taken off the street to to investigate the kind of crime. >> they have to have an eye for things, pattern recognition. civilian can get that quickly. >> union officials agree, they don't believe that civilians can be trained that quickly to do the kind of work that trained professionals can do.
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it could be a problem when it goes the trial. the program goes for six months, if successful, it could be made permanent. thank you very much. it's 6:35. financial san jose police chief joe mcnamara is throwing his support behind a proposition that could legalize marijuana in california. he is now a research fellow at hoover in stanford. he is urging voters to approve proposition 19, that's the measure to regulate and control and tax marijuana. he and an increasing number of law enforcement officers learned that most bad things about marijuana and violence in the black market is cause by the prohibition and not the plant. legalizing it will allow police
6:36 am
to fight violence crime. >> commuters using a.c. transit are being warned to expect delays and cancellations as the contract battle continues. every day last week the agency reported an average of 200 to 250 drivers calling in sick and they expect it to continue this week. they say the sickouts begin after a new contract was imposed on the union earlier this month. union officials deny any organized sickout. a judge is expected to rule on friday whether to suspend that new contract while both sides deal with an arbitrater. >> san jose fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of yesterday's apartment fire that killed an 8-year-old girl. they identified the girl as a visitor from north carolina. she had been staying with relatives in an apartment when the fire broke out. fire officials say they will were two adults and five
6:37 am
children inside the first floor apartment. they made it on out with minor injuries but the 8-year-old girl was trapped in a back room. >> very small apartment. they went to the bedroom. they found a little girl there. >> she was supposed to go home to durham, north carolina today. >> 6:37. time to check out weather forecast, mike, it looks like we're going to be cool again? >> looks like we'll end june on a cooler note. someplace like san jose, we haven't come close to 90 degrees from hayward and san francisco, 6 degrees, santa rosa, 9 and look at san jose, 10 and 12 degrees cooler than average. we will not get all the sunshine and some places we won't get any. mid to upper 50s in all our neighborhoods.
6:38 am
by noon, clearing is taking place around napa and antioch and fremont and palo alto, san jose, that is why we're in the upper 50s to low 70s. low 50s around santa rosa and san rafael. upper 50s around san francisco and oakland. 4:00, 51 and upper 50s at the coast. low 70s in the valleys. 69 around fremont. accu-weather seven-day forecast, onshore breeze hangs around tomorrow. look for the same scenario play out. then we'll get more sunshine and sea breeze relaxes and temperatures will jump two to five degrees and hold near the average officer the weekend. >> now a potentially sourcing situation. >> that's right, mike.
6:39 am
>> that is because there is an overturned milk truck, mike, on westbound 4 which is closed from second street out to central boulevard for the next hour. second to central is detour. another area of brentwood because of an injury accident of marsh creek road. lanes may be blocked and may have traffic control in the area. now there are some slow spots, lone tree 20 minutes. delays delay free view violence, westbound 80 on highway 37 from highway 37 out to the carquinez bridge, it's only five minutes. you heard the story about a.c. transit buses being late or no shows, consider bart as an alternate. we'll check out one more camera shot. here is 880 interchange,
6:40 am
northbound 101 a little slow past alum rock but once you get past that looking good. >> frances, thank you very much. >> trading is underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. live look at the big board, dow is a little down. >> it turns fireworks show goes wrong. >> and big change at the top of the company trying to cap one of the"@wwwwwwwww"@ $gggccccccccccé
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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welcome back. we still have a red flag warning high fire danger in the sierra south of lake tahoe all the way through yosemite. we're seeing for the rest of the state, temperatures along the coast, much cooler than they should be with low to mid-60s
6:44 am
around big sur. 67 in san diego. sacramento, 86. thank you very much. more news for you. concerns over possible bacterial contamination have prompted a new recall for packaged salads. state health officials, raquel's wraps and sandwiches are being voluntarily recalled. the company sells them in california and four other western states. effective products have a date of september 23rd, 2010. sandwiches carry a date of august 3rd, 2010. if you bought them, return them to ther to or throw them away. >> a local nonprofit group has a vision.
6:45 am
it's creating a new generation of business leaders. it's cake and icing and it's loaded into a bar. >> 17-year-old crystal of san jose is quite dedicated to making and baking these little cake balls for newly launched business called sweet tooth bites. >> somebody you can have about three or four and you won't feel bad because it's such small portions. >> they have put a lot of thought and planning. he is just won first prize at a regional competition last month. >> then you need to go into advertising, how you are going to market this product. then you go into the numbers where how much you are going the sell for and hutch you are going to make. >> she learned how to create a
6:46 am
plan through a entrepreneur education program. its program funded by the network for teaching entrepreneurship, a national nonprofit organization also known as fist at this that is committed to closing the opportunity -- niftyty that is committed for school programs. >> in the bay area, 20 high schools and community based organizations teach this entrepreneurship program. since starting in this region in 1994, they have helped more than 10,000 youth learn how the start their own businesses crystal is already making money filling orders on special request but she has grandeur visions fortaking sweet tooth beyond the bakery and into grocery stores. >> i wanted something like little kids can go, mommy they want that.
6:47 am
>> but first she is headed to negotiating to compete for 10 thud in a national youth entrepreneurship challenge. in october, 20 students from across the country will battle it out for top business idea. regardless of who wins, they are considered as very next prepared next generation. >> what had he learn help them become young entrepreneurs. if they choose to work for someone else, they are great employees. if you are interested in learning more about the organization or make a donation to invest, we have posted a link at the site at >> ford is unveiling a new downsized explorer. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange and beer being packaged in the kin of
6:48 am
dead squirrels? >> it's a sorry day on wall street. in unveil a new explorer today. this cross over suv has a v-6 engine and has 20% better fuel economy. it goes on sale in december. possible good news for small businesses, obama is on the verge as creating $300 billion in credit for small businesses. and it's quiet today. away do have a report on new home sales. that comes out at the top of the hour. it's expected to show sales in june pretty close to a record low. we do have possibility of fed ex raising forecasts we swee have mixed. and it looks like this silicon index down half percent.
6:49 am
google is fighting over a new market selling a program to the federal government. they are installed the servers. strongest beer of sold, i'm talking about scotland's brew dog, it's potent beer, 55% alcohol. it sold out within hours. according to it they packaged the limited edition in the bodies of dead squirrels. thousand dollars each the costliest beer ever sold. this was the last in line of the experimental brews. >> you know when you have that it was packaged in road kill, you may say no thank you.
6:50 am
>> average guy would have to have a few beers to have that beer. you know what i'm saying? >> 55% alcohol you wouldn't need too many. >> thank you very much. talk to you later. chief executive of bp may be out of work by the end of today. a bp board meeting is expected to vote on tony hayward's fate. sources say he'll he'll be replaced by bob dudley now overseeing the response to the gulf oil spill disaster. if it happens, dudley will be the first american to head bp. i'm pondering the differences between men's and women's reactions to things. >> not quite there yet. >> inning more refreshing on a cloudy day in san francisco and
6:51 am
road kill. >> it's not even beer weather. >> it was kind of gross, won't it? >> good morning. welcome back. it's monday and we have the cooling fans on. sea breeze blowing the clouds in once again. record lows possible. maybe this morning. we had a couple yesterday morning in oakland and concord. take a look at those temperatures, mid to upper 40s and mountain view. 60 degrees. mid 50s around the monitor ray and gilroy and salinas. cool temperatures, not only today and tomorrow, also in the afternoon and in the morning. cloudy at the coast but it should be rather sunny, especially the father inland you head into the valleys. warmer weather for all of us expect the coast. look how deep the sea breeze has pushed the cloud into the central valley, by noon we're still looking at plenty of cloud
6:52 am
cover around santa rosa, all of marin county, east bay, shoreline and most of the peninsula. friday afternoon we'll see more sunshine in those areas. 50s along the coast, 70s in the north bay. 80s starting to show up in the east bay valleys. we have mid to upper 70's for san ramon valley into pleasanton. there is the cloud cover around richmond and berkeley. low to mid 50s for you but upper 50s to low 70s from san leandro through castro valley. low 70s around milpitas. to about 77 in los gatos. millbrae, san mateo, mid to upper 60s. 69 in redwood city and low to mid-70s around the southern sections of the peninsula. mid-50s, upper 50s along the coast.
6:53 am
downtown san francisco, we'll see a few breaks, low to mid-60s for you. mid-60s around the monterey bay, 57 in watsonville. marlins are taking on the giants at at&t park, temperature about 63 but dropping down to 50 by the time the game ends. low to mid-50s tonight. all of us cloudy and mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. temperatures don't budge much. thursday and friday, temperatures are up five degrees away from the coast and those temperatures will hang around the mid-80s through the weekend. good morning, frances. >> a new stall on dumbarton bridge, we don't know which direction. just a heads up. elsewhere, looking pretty good, life shot 280, highway 17,
6:54 am
northbound 280 and that is 17 coming out of santa cruz mountains, delay free, as well. checking san mateo bridge, alternate for you to dumbarton, traffic is going well. also we'll head to the peninsula 101 millbrae, has been accident free, fine all the way up into san francisco area. let's check out what it looks like heading into san francisco, golden gate bridge, you can see across the span. it's looking good heading into san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is new problem in marin county, highway 1, northbound lane is blocked by downed tree at petaluma road. looks like you of use the southbound lane to get around it.
6:55 am is where we post it all. >> thanks a lot. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused fireworks to malfunction and shoot into the crowd. it injured ten people at a pioneer day celebration. >> run, run, run! >> authorities say some of the tire works shot horizontally instead of going up into the sky. accident started when one explode order the ground. it launched over three other tubes. technicians were able to stop the show. >> recapping top stories, a team of civilians will soon be investigating certain crimes in san francisco if the police chief gets his way. >> tomas has more. >> san francisco police chief plans to civilianize a portion of his police department. he says it will make it more efficient and help them solve more crimes.
6:56 am
>> victims of nonviolent crimes may have to wait for hours for police officers to take a report. george gascon is introducing a program that met success while he was chief in mesa, arizona. these unarmed civilian investigators will collect fingerprint evidence and take photos. they'll respond and work primarily at low priority, nonviolent crimes. it will free up officers to patrol the streets and respond to and investigate more serious crimes. support for the program which is pund had by a one million dollar come from people that more police should be on the street. but the police union questions whether quickly trained civilians should be collecting evidence that could be pivotal in an important trial. he wants this program to work. the program will begin in january of this year, next year
6:57 am
and run for six months. if it's success, it could -- if it's successful it could be permanent. >> final check on weather and traffic. >> if you are heading to sfo, 57 minute flight arrival delays. we will see sunshine early in the east bay and we're in the 70s. mid-70s in the south bay with fremont and palo alto, low on 70s but low to mid-50s for san francisco and oakland. >> all right. just a couple trouble spots, westbound 4 is closed from second street to central because of an overturned milk truck. there is an injury accident east of deer valley road. westbound 4 is slow out of antioch. we also have absolutelyish traffic on westbound 580 through livermore. >> thank you for joining us. >> back with a local update at 7:22.
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